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Customers with Special Needs

Air Saint-Pierre looks after the special needs of customers who require assistance because of a disability or medical condition.

The airline must be made aware at time of booking that the person will require additional assistance.

Travelling with your own wheelchair or other mobility aid

Air Saint-Pierre will carry the following mobility aids as carry-on or checked baggage over and above normal baggage allowance without charge:
  • Wheelchairs (Special handling requirements apply to battery-powered mobility aids: please inquire with the company for further information).
  • Braces, canes, crutches and walkers
Air Saint-Pierre will also:
  • Arrange for the use of your own wheelchair or other mobility aid until boarding, and for its delivery to you at the gate upon arrival;
  • Stow your small mobility or other aid in the cabin;
  • Assist in transferring you between your wheelchair or other mobility aid and the aircraft seat;

Assistance within the airport

In the Canadian stations, elevators are available to allow customers requiring assistance. If you are unable to ascend or descend stairs or are unable to walk long distances within the airport, Air Saint-Pierre will provide a wheelchair for you; please request either prior to coming to the airport or at time of check in.

*If you require to use an elevator to board the plane, please advise the agent at the check in counter that you will need this service.

Last updated: December 18, 2017