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Payment/Modification/Cancellation Policy

We know that your plans change at a drop of a hat, and that’s ok! We are flexible with our modification and cancellation policy! Find all you need to know here!


Identification Requirements

According to current international and French regulations, an air carrier must deny boarding to any passenger not holding proper travel documents: passport, ID card, birth certificate, travel visa, etc. requested by the country of transit, of stopover, or of destination. Learn more…


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There may be situations where Air Saint-Pierre is requested by law to collect, use, or disclose personal information about you without your knowledge or consent. These situations are most likely to arise when you are travelling with us and a government authority has requested the release of certain information. Air Saint-Pierre may be required to disclose to customs and immigration authorities (of any country) information that we hold about you and your travel arrangements.

Also, in accordance with Article L.232-7 of the Internal Security Code, Air Saint-Pierre may be required to transmit the booking, registration and boarding data of its passengers (API / PNR) to the French administration, according to the treatment modalities and for the purposes set out in Decree No. 2014-1095 of 26/09/2014 amended by Decree 2018/714 of 3/08/18.)

Last updated: June 25, 2024