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In Transit on Air France via Montreal

Air Saint-Pierre offers an “in transit” service with certain Air France flights to and from Montreal.

From Paris

Passengers travelling on AF344 (as well as AF342 during certain periods):

  • Your baggage will be transferred * directly from flight AF344 to Air Saint-Pierre’s flight PJ1124. Passengers must follow the “in transit” path within the arrivals in Montreal.
    * Note : passengers with operate tickets with both Air Saint-Pierre (638) and Air France (057), it is necessary to go up to Air France’s check in counter to have their bags ticketed with FSP as a final destination (not possible through automated checkin booths.)

From Saint-Pierre

Passengers travelling on AF345 and AF347:

  • Your baggage will be transferred directly from flight PJ1123 to flights AF345 and/or AF347.  Passengers must present themselves at the “in transit” counter.

Passengers travelling on AF349:

  • Flying “in transit” is also possible just like AF345 and AF347; passengers are requested to inquire about it at time of check-in in Saint-Pierre.

For those passengers who do not wish to remain in bond in Montreal: please inform the check-in agent in Saint-Pierre. These passengers, upon arrival in Montreal must report to Canadian Customs, collect their luggage at the baggage claim, and then proceed to the Air France check-in count to re-register.

Last updated: October 20, 2021