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Booking a Covid-19 PCR test in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Starting October 18, all new appointments for Covid-19 PCR tests must be made through the Doctolib online portal.

Here’s how,

  1. Visit
  2. In the first field « Médecin, établissement,… », enter « Dépistage COVID-19 test PCR (prélèvement naso-pharyngé) »
  3. In the location field « Où? », type « Saint-Pierre et Miquelon »
  4. On the schedule page, select a date and time while making sure to choose from the right location (Saint-Pierre or Miquelon)
  5. On the next page, select a reason for the test (for passengers leaving to Canada, select “Départ Canada – Dépistage COVID-19 test PCR..”
  6. Click on « Prendre rendez-vous » (Book an appointment)
  7. Connect to your Doctolib account or create a new one if it’s your first time using the portal

Keep in mind :

  • Results to PCR tests may take up to 24hrs to become available
  • It is your responsibility to make sure the results will be made available to you before your planned departure date


The CPS advisory can be found here.