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Reminder : only surgical masks are allowed on board the aircraft

Please take note that following order n°2020-860 on July 11, 2020, only surgical masks will be allowed on all Air Saint-Pierre flights for anyone over the age of 11.


Paris flights 2020: Now from terminal 2A

Direct flights to and from Paris will now operate out of Terminal 2A in 2020. Follow this post for more information inside.


Available labs for PCR tests for passengers travelling to Saint-Pierre from Paris

Air France has partnered with Synlab and Biogroup labs to facilitate the PCR test taking process, a link can be found inside.


New entry requirements for Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Starting July 11, 2020 and in response to Covid-19, the prefecture has updated its entry requirements. More information inside.


Virological test (PCR test) now mandatory to travel to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Anyone traveling to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon will now be required to show results of a PCR test that conclude that there is no contamination to covid-19.


Temporary interruption of our online reservation system

Our online reservation system will be temporarily closed due to an ongoing technical issue. If you are looking to make a reservation, please contact one of our offices: Saint-Pierre: 05 08 41 00 00 Canada: 1 877 277 7765 We hope to have our booking portal returned to its normal operations shortly. Air Saint-Pierre


2020 Paris – Saint-Pierre flights

Here are the options available to you if you cannot travel to/from Paris this summer.


Air Saint-Pierre Statement – (COVID-19)

Passengers with a travel date between March 1st and April 30th will be permitted to modify their ticket(s) to a different date at no extra cost.


Halifax – Introducing Air Saint-Pierre freight service

You can now receive deliveries from individuals/companies who would otherwise not ship to Saint-Pierre through our Halifax address! Follow the link for additional information.